Students Discipline

Students Discipline


The affairs of the school shall be so conducted as to promote self-discipline leading to decent and orderly behaviour to maintain a high moral in the institution and to build-up traditions that all good Public Schools cherish.

The observance of rules of discipline and good behaviour shall be a pre-condition to a student’s continuance in the school. In the event of serious breach of discipline by a student, if the Principal is convinced that the continuance of the student in the school is likely to be detrimental to the general tenor or discipline of the school, he/she may expel him/her or recommend his/her transfer to a special school where arrangements exist to correct delinquents or to reform the hardened offenders. This will be done with the approval of the Chairman.

Striking-off Name from the Rolls of the School

The following procedure shall be adopted for striking off the name of a student from the rolls of the school, for non-payment of school dues :-

  • If a defaulter fails to pay fees and fine within one month after the expiry of the due date, the Principal will send a written notice to the parent.
  • If fees plus fine are not paid for two consecutive months, the name of the child will be struck off the school rolls.

Disciplinary Committee for Students

To deal with disciplinary cases of students, Principal will constitute a disciplinary committee of three teachers (PGT, TGT & PRT – one each) for investigation and recommendation for suitable punishment to the defaulters. The Principal will consider the report and award the punishment to the defaulter student. Student/parent can appeal against the punishment awarded to the Chairman SAMC whose decision will be final and binding.

Form of Disciplinary Measures.

The following shall be the disciplinary measures which may be adopted by the school for students who have attained the age of fourteen years:-

  • Fine.
  • Rustication.
  • Expulsion.


Fine may be imposed on a student who has attained the age of fourteen years in the following cases :-

  • Late attendance.
  • Absence from class without proper application from the parents or guardian.
  • Truancy.
  • Willful damage to school property.
  • Delay in payment of school fees and dues.


Students expelled from the school will not be re-admitted. Cases for admission of students expelled from other schools will be referred to the SAMC.


Where a student is rusticated, he/she will not be admitted to the school till expiry of the period of rustication.

  • Students up to Class VIII will not be expelled or rusticated.
  • Provided that no student shall be expelled or rusticated from the school except after giving the parents or guardian of the student a reasonable opportunity of showing cause against the proposed action.

Corporal Punishment

Corporal punishment is banned in Army Public Schools. Violation of the same will lead to disciplinary action.

Code of Conduct – Students


  1. Be respectful to your parents, teachers, staff of the school and elderly citizens.
  2. Be punctual.
  3. Be neat and clean.
  4. Be humble in your success or victory.
  5. Be honest, upright and truthful.
  6. Be co-operative and exhibit team spirit for positive attitude and conduct.
  7. Have and maintain exemplary behaviour and show respect for the feelings of others.
  8. Be patient, tolerant and secular.
  9. Take pride in yourself, your school, your parents and your Nation.
  10. Be courteous. Remember “Thank You” and “Please” are two very good words.
  11. Be thankful to the Almighty for every thing that has been given to you.
  12. Believe in yourself and have courage. Remember the Almighty is with you always and everywhere.


  1. Do not cause hurt by your words or deeds.
  2. Do not be afraid to speak the truth or to accept a mistake.
  3. Do not damage or disfigure property of your school or at home.
  4. Do not use abusive language.
  5. Do not look down upon those who are less privileged, weak or physically challenged.
  6. Do not ill-treat animals or birds.
  7. Do not mock or ridicule on someone’s failure.
  8. Do not pass casteist, anti religious, or racial comments.
  9. Do not be arrogant.
  10. Do not copy or cheat.
  11. Do not steal.

Forbidden Practices

No student shall indulge in any of the following practices:

  1. Ragging and violence in any form.
  2. Sex related offences.
  3. Rude and disorderly behaviour.
  4. Smoking, chewing of Betel Leaves, Tobacco/Tobacco Products, Pan Masala etc.
  5. Use of drugs or intoxicants.
  6. Any form of gambling.
  7. Spitting in or near the school building except in any spittoon provided by the school.
  8. Casteism, communalism, forming sectarian groups and practice of untouchability.

Any body found indulging in forbidden practices will be liable to strict disciplinary action. In addition provisions of POCSO, Child Welfare norms and rules in related areas will be strictly applied.