Stream & Subject

Stream & Subject

Scheme of Studies

Army Public Schools will follow the scheme of studies as prescribed from time to time by the CBSE for All India Secondary School Examination (Class X) and All India Senior School Certificate Examination (Class XII).

Subjects of Study

(A) Board Syllabi. Army Public Schools will offer a course of studies to prepare the students to take the Secondary/Senior School Examination of CBSE as per the syllabi of the Board.

(B) Subjects of Assessment/Examination at Secondary School level are as under:

  1. English Language and Literature.
  2. Hindi B/Third Language (Sanskrit).
  3. Mathematics.
  4. Science (Physics, Chemistry & Life Science).
  5. Social Science (History, Geography, Economics and Political Science).
  6. Information Technology (IT).


  1. English Language and Literature and Hindi B will be offered in all schools.
  2. In Social Science (History, Geography, Economics and Political Science) will be studied for two years, both in Classes IX and X.
  3. After restoring of Class X Board Exam w.e.f. AY 2017-18, academic performance is divided into:-
    1. SCHOLASTIC AREAS – which include subjects (as mentioned in Article 252 (b).
    2. CO-SCHOLASTIC AREAS – Which include work education, art education, health & physical education and discipline 5 point Grade Scale (A-E).
  4. Under remodelled assessment structure, each academic year will have only two terms i.e. April to September and October to March. The School Principal is expected to abide by CBSE CIRCULAR ACAD – 05/2017 & 14/2017 or as amended in future.

(C) All India Senior School Certificate Examination (Classes XI and XII).

  1. English core will be offered.
  2. Three Electives (Four Electives if only one core language is offered) out of the following:-
    1. Science Stream. Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics, Informatics Practices, Psychology, Physical Education, Fine Art & Economics.
    2. Commerce Stream. Economics, Mathematics, Accountancy, Business Studies, Computer Science and Informatics Practices, Fine Arts, Physical Education.
    3. Humanities Stream. Economics, History,Political Science, Psychology, Informatics Practices, Mathematics, Physical Education and Fine Arts.


      1. A candidate may take an additional elective subject or a language at elective level. As far as possible Army Public Schools will follow four electives and English as core language.
      2. Addition of subjects/next higher class(es) can be made at the discretion of the SAMC without affecting the basic structure. However in such an eventuality an undertaking shall be taken from the parent that he/she would not have the right to seek the additional subject in another school if the student is transferred.
      3. The medium of instruction in all the Army Public Schools will be English.
    1. Subject of internal assessment:
      1. General Studies.
      2. Work Experience.
      3. Physical and Health Education.

(D) Specification of subjects to various streams can be “as per CBSE Rules”. It will be difficult to specify all the subjects as different schools have options for different subjects except the compulsory ones. The compulsory subjects must constitute the “basic structure”.

The following procedure will be adopted:

  1. (i) Hindi ‘B’ at class 9th and 10th.
  2. (ii) English (Core) at class 11th and 12th.
  3. (iii) Maths mandatory for Computer Science.