‘An Idea that has a value’.

 Preserving what is good is as significant as creating something new. APSDR is dedicated to creating a culture of innovation that is meaningful for 21st Century Learners.

 ‘Green and Glowing’.

This innovative method of soilless gardening was adopted for growing healthy plants by using mineral rich water solution purely on an experimental basis by the school community.

‘Every drop matters’.

 The school has adopted this simple method to store rain water in underground tanks for future usage especially to water plants throughout the year.

‘Green Alternatives’

 APSDR is at the forefront of developing a culture of minimum wastage. Each class is given three bins to dispose plastic waste, paper waste and organic waste. Paper waste will be recycled to handmade papers, organic waste will be used for vermi-compost pits which will later be used for gardening.